Situation Analysis: Pre or Post Oscars, you want to research Forest Whitaker, Helen Mirren, or Jennifer Hudson. What do you do? Go on a screen scrapping and keyword regular expression odyssey? Or you simply lookup a Data Web oriented Data Source like dbpedia.

Here is what I was I was able to knock together using my SPARQL QBE (without writing the SPARQL by hand):

  1. Forest Whitaker Data
  2. Helen Mirren Data
  3. Jennifer Hudson Data.

Note: Just select the "Explore" option when the link-lookup window appears in response to you clicking on any of the links. That said, if you are using the Firefox Linkification extension the page will not work properly (as per this discussion about disabling Linkification) :-(

BTW - I have a comments page, so don't be shy about showing me how you could produce this kind of data driven web page much quicker than I have :-)

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