1. End to Buzzword Blur - how buzzwords are used to obscure comprehension of core concepts. Let SKOS, MOAT, SCOT reign!
  2. End of Data Silos - you don't own me, my data, my data's mobility (import/export), or accessibility (by reference) just because I signed up for Yet Another Software as Service (ySaaS)
  3. End of Misinformation - Sins of omission will no longer go unpunished the era of self induced amnesia due to competitive concerns is over, Co-opetition shall reign (Ray Noorda always envisoned this reality)
  4. Serendipitous information and data discovery gets cheaper by the second - you're only a link away for a universe of relevant and accessible data
  5. Rise of Quality - Contrary to historic president (due to all of the above) well engineered solutions will no longer be sure indicators of commercial failure

BTW - Benjamin Nowack penned an interesting post titled: Semantic Web Aliases, that covers a variety of labels used to describe the Semantic Web. The great thing about this post is that it provides yet another demonstration-in-the-making for the virtues of Linked Data :-)

Labels are harmless when their sole purpose is the creation of routes of comprehension for concepts. Unfortunately, Labels aren't always constructed with concept comprehension in mind, most of the time they are artificial inflectors and deflectors servicing marketing communications goals.

Anyway, irrespective of actual intent, I've endowed all of the labels from Bengee's post with URIs as my contribution important disambiguation effort re. the Semantic Web:

As per usual this post is best appreciated when processed via an Linked Data aware user agent.