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1. A History Of Communications
... com archives 2005 03 20 a history of communications. A History Of Communications A History of Communications Timeline via xBlog via nixlog.
2. Yet Another RSS History
... com archives 2005 10 24 yet another rss history Yet Another RSS History : You don t expect me to work out the...
3. History of Programming Languages
... History of Programming Languages Poster.
4. Interesting Database History: INFORMIX
... Interesting Database History: INFORMIX From Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia.
5. IDMS and its role in general DBMS History
A great piece of DBMS history conveyed through the story of IDMS.
6. The Natural History of Software Platforms
A very interesting article by David Stutz about how software packages eventually become platforms.
7. A Sketch of Database History
... edu vaughn cpsc 343 2003 history. A Sketch of Database History.
8. YODA & the Data FORCE
... org History 1989 proposal.
9. RDF's History
... History of RDF.
10. Borland's Early Years: A Wild Ride
... A nice article about history of Borland http: www.
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