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1. Master Data Management (MDM) & RDF based Linked Data
... Open access to Entities across MDM instances served up by different MDM solutions acting as Linked Data... , expose MDM Entities as RDF resources endowed with de referencable URIs thereby enabling Hyperdata... existing MDM packages... , the MDM...
2. The Trouble with Labels (Contd.): Data Integration & SOA
... Master Data Manager MDM , and wondered to myself, what 39;s that only to realize it 39;s the very same thing I...
3. Entity Oriented Data Access
... 9;ve stumbled across Master Data Management MDM which is all about entities that provide holistic views... Linked Data , MDM, and.
4. OpenLink Virtuoso - Product Value Proposition Overiew
... MDM Linked Data What is Linked Data Oriented RDF zation Semantic Web: Travails to Harmony Illustrated.
5. My Hopes for Linked Data in 2009 (Update #2)
... Master Data Management MDM.
6. Virtuoso, PHP Runtime Hosting: phpBB, Wordpress, Drupal, MediaWiki, and Linked Data
... Data Manager MDM that virtualizes heterogeneous data sources ODBC , JDBC , Web Services, Hypermedia...
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