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1. Microsoft Data Access API Backgrounder: ODBC
... com data archive 2006 12 05 data access api of the day part... ering the history of Microsoft 39;s various Data Access related APIs. org wiki Open Connectivity Open Connectivity ODBC which is the first of a series of... specific Data...
2. Virtuoso & SPARQL Demo
The W3C RDF Data Access Workgroup 39;s DAWG SPARQL query language is one of the many interesting aspects of... recent Virtuoso Open Source release.
3. Data Spaces, Internet Reinvention, and Semantic Web
... Data Spaces and Web... 39;s Open Data Access Paradox that basically equate to the identification of the Web... to Semantic Web Data Web, Web of Web. ne of the great things about the moderate open data access that we have today courtesy of the...
4. Database & Data Access Vulnerability: T-Mobile responds to Paris Hilton Sidekick hacking
... I have written about and data access security matters on numerous occasions, and my underlying... when the distinct functional domains of data access and data storage intersect I am almost certain that... following: data access...
5. New Open Source ODBC SDK Site
... formation age, the more obvious the value of data access, and a standards base API will become.
6. Semantic Web Advocate of Tribe Linked Data! (Updated)
... org resource Linked Data id link idfec62f8 Linked Data. cal ways without a basic foundation Open Data Access is the foundation of the Semantic Web in prior post I... ntic Web Layer 1 URIs units of Open Data Access in Semantic Web parlance... ... Data,...
7. Open Data Heads-Up to all U.S. Citizens!
... are both unashamedly passionate about Open Data Access : Peter is an avid blogger, and his most recent post... Open Data callout to all...
8. Open Source and Open Data Movements
... Dare Obasanjo 39;s post about the issue of Open Data or Open Data Access , indicates that the Open Data issue... 0 M odel via the RDF Data Model as the basis for an Open and Standards based Concrete Conceptual Data Model... ... Open Source Movement C...
9. <a href="">Hack attacks on banks increase</a>
... Moreover ZDNet Looks like data access security issues are beginning to resonate somewhat we are still a... open data access standards.
10. Open Database Connectivity for Mac OS X
... Open Connectivity for Mac OS X It continues to amaze me that the fundamental implications of... data access remains misunderstood by all parties in the ITsphere. nization afford to be ambivalent about where data is stored, and their ability...
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