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1. Hello Data Web!
... Zero RDF Tax : Everything is good Note: Please look to the bottom of the screen for the Run Query Button.
2. Linked Data enabling PHP Applications
... vspx blogid 127 q rdf 20tax type text output html id link id1098bcd8 RDF handcrafting Tax , what do we end up... org TR rdf sparql protocol id link id126fa068 SPARQL Protocol delivering Web infrastructure...
3. RDF Browser View of My Hyperdata & Linked Data Post
... n see the Data Web is actually here Without RDF generation upheaval or Tax.
4. Injecting Facebook Data into the Semantic Data Web
... Photo albums data is now available as RDF, without paying a cent of RDF handcrafting tax, thanks to the... Sponger middleware for producing RDF from non RDF data sources which is now equipped with a new... into RDF based Structured Data...
5. Semantic Web Data Spaces
... org RDF RDF , XML, Free Text Data Access SQL, SPARQL , GData, Web Services SOAP or REST styles , WebDAV HTTP... ry, HTTP Content Negotiation for producing RDF from non RDF Data X HTML, Microformats, XML, Web Services... assumed RDF Tax.
6. Semantic Web: State of Affairs Presentation
... intermingling or RDF the Data Model and RDF XML one of several serialization formats RDF Data... Generating RDF from non RDF Data RDF Tax eradication Querying RDF Data Sources.
7. XMP and microformats revisited
... simply eliminates the often perceived RDF Tax. understood that making the Data Web Web of RDF Instance Data more of a Force Star Wars style is the key to... RDF.
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