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1. Hello Data Web (Take 3 - Feel The "RDF" Force)
... and implied, in various posts about the Data Web and burgeoning Semantic Web in general; the value of RDF is... than seen driven by presence as opposed to web sites. lways possible to use the visual Interactive Web dimension Web... Data Web...
2. 2008, Facebook Data Portability, and the Giant Global Graph of Linked Data
... org resource Robert Scoble id link idfe12a58 Robert Scoble 39;s announcement of his account suspension... Who is right Scoble or Facebook. org resource Web... Web... org resource Web service id link id1770f3c0 Web Services as the prime vehicle for...
3. Describing the Semantic Data Web (Take 3)
39;s had a Semantic Web Epiphany but can 39;t quite nail down what his discovered in laymans... defining the Semantic Data Web in simple terms with linked examples : Tip: Watch the recent TimBL video... the Semantic Data Web before,...
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