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1. Virtuoso 5.0.2 Released!
... anism for instance Additional Sponger Cartridges from Audio binary files... Remixers out there New Sponger Cartridges for Facebook, Freebase, Wikipedia, GRDDL, RDFa, eRDF and more...
2. Virtuoso Sponger & RDFa
... Virtuoso Sponger 39;s REST service which is exposed at the endpoint proxy note: this is standard with all...
3. Virtuoso Universal Server 5.0.4 Release Details
... There are new Sponger RDFizer cartridges that map Amazon book search results to the Biliographic... HTTPS protocol support added to Sponger performance optimizations for SPARQL DESCRIBE 39; and...
4. RDF Browsers & RDF Data Middleware
... Triplr and the Virtuoso Sponger Some Definitions as per usual : RDF Middleware as defined in this context... nsume the services of Triplr or the Virtuoso Sponger en route to unveiling a RDF Data that is traversable... The Virtuoso Sponger 39;s...
5. Simple Virtuoso Installation & Utilization Guide for SPARQL Users (Update 5)
... com dataspace dav wiki Main VirtSponger id link id0x1ca248e0 Virtuoso Sponger architecture and how it...
6. Virtuoso Linked Data Deployment In 3 Simple Steps
... ther data sources: Install the Sponger Bookmarklet for the URIBurner service. Sponger to convert them to RDF or; Use the CVS import feature to import their content into Virtuoso 39;s... XML transformation or; Leverage the Sponger Cartridge...
7. URIBurner: Painless Generation & Exploitation of Linked Data (Update 1 - Demo Links Added)
... com dataspace dav wiki Main VirtSponger id link id120582118 Virtuoso Sponger Middleware technology... Animation demonstrating how the Virtuoso Sponger works.
8. Revisiting HTTP based Linked Data (Update 1 - Demo Video Links Added)
... Sponger.
9. Re-introducing the Virtuoso Virtual Database Engine
... Sponger RDFizing middleware component enables you to generate RDF Model Linked Data via a RESTful Web... Web Resources via the Sponger Building ADO.
10. BBC Linked Data Meshup In 3 Steps
... Sponger sent an HTTP GET to Last.
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