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1. Web Evolution
... om r ThinkingSpace 3 297992608 revision of web evolution series. Web Evolution. com 2007 08 mapping between web evolution and human. Web Evolution and Human Growth. ... about Web Evolution.
2. State of the Linked Data Web
... org resource World Wide Web Web into a federated database , information space, and knowledge base hybrid... Linked Data is injected into the Web from the Linking Open Data community and other initiatives, it 39;s... org resource Semantic Web id...
3. Conversation with Jon Udell: Are We There Yet Re. Web++ ?
... org resource World Wide Web Web from a mesh of Linked Data Containers Web of Linked Documents to a mesh of... org resource Semantic Web id link id14f69f48 Semantic Web Project, gained focus and pragmatism via the... Web vision en route to mass...
4. XBRL Ontology Project
... org wiki Semantic Web Semantic Web is one of the more puzzling current day technology misnomers: The... Web expresses a vision about a Web of Data connected by formal meaning Context. defined Financial Data is accessible via the Web and other...
5. Contd: Web Dimensionality
... the first of several that chronicles the evolution of Pingthesemanticweb. om and Talk Digger, from Interactive Web Web... sites to Data Web oriented Data Spaces: On a related front, I also came across an e Government Data... Web in mind in one of its graphics which I...
6. Linked Data enters state of Evoluation
... org resource World Wide Web id link id105c1518 World Wide Web ; to the Linking Open Data community LOD , it... org resource World Wide Web Web... community, it 39;s simply a collection of Web Services and associated APIs; and to many others, it...
7. Data Spaces and Web of Databases
... Where do Data Spaces fit into the Web 39;s rapid evolution They are an essential part of the burgeoning Data... Semantic Web. take us from data Mash ups combining web accessible data that exists without integration and repurposing... web accessible...
8. Breaking the Web Wide Open!
... The online world is evolving into a new open web sometimes called the Web... Many of the web giants have been using open source software for years. hese incumbents that grew big on proprietary web services, the methods, practices, and applications...
9. Wiki Introduction from CNET
... ard looks at the corporate wiki, an editable Web site designed for quick and easy group project management. discuss the emerging role of the wiki in the evolution of corporate collaboration.
10. Email As A Platform
... iven the drastic increase in storage size of web based email applications, more people are realizing that... le doesn t discuss is the next stage of this evolution. s, notes, calendars with other data sources Web Portal, Blogs, Wikis, CRM, ERP, and more...
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