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1. No Remote XQuery Concerns Here
A very interesting exchange that came through my RSS feeds this morning starting with Jon 39;s piece.
2. Dynamic (XQuery Based) BloggerCon Attendee List
3. XQuery: Almost Here? Should You Care?
... llenges When XQuery first came across my radar late 90s even before XQuery became the moniker for an XML... ove: What is XQuery about Its about querying XML Documents at the time real or virtual in a repository.
4. Variation on The Syncato Theme
... nd then bring you back to the Virtuoso based XQuery post assuming you spot the comment post I made earlier re.
5. Using SQL-XML Based RSS Feeds to Syndicate Documentation, Tutorials, and Demos
... org TR xquery XQuery and XPath queries over HTTP WebDAV.
6. RSS: INJAN (It's not just about news)
... L Storage, Validating XML Parser, XPath, and XQuery the core message was the delivery of a single server...
7. IBM Flexes XML Muscle
... IBM is also adding support for XPath and XQuery data models. w users to create views that involve SQL and XQuery by sending the protocol through DB2 39;s query...
8. Microsoft to do for Usenet what it did for Email & The Web?
... could then be further processed using XPath, XQuery, and XSL T with the final result RDF since this is...
9. A Linked Data Web Approach To Semantic "Search" & "Find" (Updated)
... org resource XQuery id link id14565db8 xquery offer little when the structure of literal text is the key to...
10. Data Spaces and Web of Databases
... Type 2 Free Text Search and XQuery XPath over HTTP A few blogs and Wikis Jon Udell 39;s and a few others Type 3... Generic Free Text Search, OpenSearch, GData, XQuery XPath, and SPARQL : Points of Semantic Web presence...
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