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1. In Hoc Signo Vinces (part 10 of n): TPC-H Q9, Q17, Q20 - Predicate Games
... org resource Business intelligence id link id0xf2d8b08 BI data warehouse works without.
2. Season's Greetings from Virtuoso Development
... This is also often so with business intelligence but it is still more so with RDF.
3. Rethink Big and Europe?s Position in Big Data
... Are there pressures to adapt business models based on big data The transition from capex to opex may be... If the platform business goes that way and the market accepts this, then systems software will follow. There is some European business in wide...
4. Introducing the OpenLink Virtuoso Benchmarks AMI on Amazon EC2
... ced, for example, the LDBC Social Network Business Intelligence or Graph Analytics.
5. LDBC: Creating a Metric for SNB
... The next SNB article will be about the business intelligence and graph analytics areas of SNB.
6. LOD2 Finale (part 3 of n): The 500 Giga-triple Runs
... in object of the festivities is still the business intelligence BI mix.
7. Linked Geospatial Data 2014 Workshop, Part 2: Is SPARQL Slow?
... e cases doing analytics over RDF, not in the business intelligence sense, but in the sense of machine...
8. ESWC 2013 Panel - Semantic Technologies for Big Data Analytics: Opportunities and Challenges
... s search statistics for big data, semantics, business intelligence, data mining, and other such terms.
9. LDBC Technical User Community Meeting
... es, for graph analytics, and for TPC H style business intelligence questions, especially if integrated...
10. ICDE 2012 (post 6 of 6) - Science Data Panel
... If business intelligence is about AVG , MIN , MAX , COUNT , and GROUP BY , science applications are much more... Science database is a zero billion dollar business. The real business opportunity is in the analytics needed by insurance and financial...
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