Quest For Common Syndication

Under normal circumstances this would be a very scary propositon - weblogs have reached hype status, and this means 800 pound gorillas are approaching the patch!. Why should we create our own blogsphere FUD.

Well things work differently in the blogspehere, and it leads to wonderful opportunities for like minded individuals to put their vast array of skills to constructive use. My hunch is that this effort -syndication format standardization- will be sorted out quickly, and even act as a showcase for the collaborative prowess of Blogs and Wikis. Take a look at the blog snippet below (I urge you to follow the Wiki link).

Sam Ruby is leading an effort to create a new weblog format and API. There's a Wiki that's open for all to contribute to, and an impressive list of people who support the work. [via Scripting News]

I hope this is one of many similar efforts that usher in the next phase of the Web (the Semantic one of course!).