Microsoft Unveils New MSN Search “This morning, Microsoft unveiled its new MSN Search portal, a Web site that looks suspiciously similar to that of market leader Google. Microsoft’s search engine plans had been widely reported, but few had expected the new MSN Search to so closely resemble, especially after the Microsoft unit’s last major product, the MSN toolbar for Internet Explorer (IE), had so closely resembled Google’s toolbar. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but does site this go a bit too far?”

What I don't understand is why Google writes its toolbars for IE first??? What about the others? This ain't rocket science! What does it take? Do we need Micheal Moore to actually put together a documentary on the software industry before users, decision makers, and technology leaders get it!

I have no problem with any technology from any vendor if the so goal is to genuinely innovate with value creation in mind, and the reward being market place ubiquity etc.. The trouble is that this simply isn't the norm today, and we don't seem to understand this (how ever many times we see the same movie that has been playing since the early nineties).