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Version 0.976 Added additional GenusNameID, SubfamilyNameID and FamilyNameID for NLP project

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  • Version 0.976 This is an ontology for dealing with data related to species including observations, specimens, images etc. Traditionally species have been identified by the combination of a genus and specific epithet, for example Puma concolor. However these names change frequently as new information moves a given species into a different genus etc. Most of the time the species concept itself is unchanged. This leads a lot of confusion and difficulty connecting data relating to a given species concept together. This ontology and the related TaxonConcept data set avoids this by minting identifiers that are tied to a specific species concept which can have several names and classifications. The RDF descriptions of each species concept provides some guide as to what is the best species concept for a given specimen or observation, and links together data sets containing additional information about that concept. Since some of these related data sets entail specific names or classifications they are loosely linked using skos:closeMatch etc. Depending on your particular needs, you might want to merge these in your own knowledge base as sameAs or simply merge those properties that you think are appropriate.
  • TaxonConcept Ontology
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  • 2013-05-19
  • Version 0.976 Added additional GenusNameID, SubfamilyNameID and FamilyNameID for NLP project
  • TaxonConcept Ontology
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