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  • San Andrés Itzapa is a municipality of Chimaltenango, Guatemala. San Andrés Itzapa is in the eastern region of Chimaltenango, while the district capital lies to the north, Acatenango lies to the south and to the east is Parramos. The city occupies an area of 90 square kilometres, with a total of 31,956 inhabitants, who are called Itzapecos. San Andres Itzapa (Itzapa means flint) is an ancient town. The village is mentioned in the Annals of the Cakchiquels, written in 1571. The Spanish named the area "Itzapa y de San Andrés" in honor of their patron saint, the apostle San Andrés (Saint Andrew). The Spanish also called the area "Valle del Durazno" (Valley of the peaches), as the prickly pears common in this area resembled the orchards of home. The city consists of 9 villages: Chicazanga, Chimachoy, Panimaquin, San José Calderas, Yerba Buena, El Aguacate, San José Los Corrales, Xiparquiy, and San José Cajahualten. Both Spanish and Kaqchiquel are spoken, although migration from other...
  • San Andrés Itzapa
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