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  • We have published a new version of the sample provider that supports features introduced in the Entity Framework 5. It can be downloaded from the MSDN Code Samples Gallery. This updated sample takes the sample provider code we released for Entity Framework 4 and demonstrates how to add support for spatial types and how to move to the new version of schema views to be able to reverse-engineer table valued functions (stored procedures with multiple resultsets did not require any changes to the provider). This version does not contain a sample provider for Migrations or Code First which currently use a separate provider model. The tests (which are now using xUnit) not only test the sample provider but also show how to build queries leveraging features introduced in Entity Framework 5. The code also contains a Data Designer Extensibility (DDEX) provider sample that now works with Visual Studio 11. Note: To build and use the sample Visual Studio 11 and .NET Framework 4.5 is needed. xUnit test runner is required to be able to run the tests inside the Visual Studio. See the project page for more details. Pawel Kadluczka, Entity Framework Developer
  • EF5 Sample Provider Published
  • EF5 Sample Provider Published
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