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  • Jurisdiction within the EU
  • Jurisdiction within the EU
  • Bevoegdheid binnen de EU
  • Compétence dans l'UE
  • Gerichtsstand innerhalb der EU
  • Giurisdizione all'interno dell'UE
  • Jurisdicción dentro de la UE
  • Jurysdykcja w UE
  • Kompetence inden for EU
  • Licence provision stating that the applicable law (and in some case also the competent court) must be (the law) of a EU member State. Judges have the facility to ask a prejudicial question to the unique European Court of Justice, as most relevant national provisions are derivative of EU Treaties and Directives). Example: Article 15 of the EUPL v1.1.
  • JurisdictionWithinTheEU
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