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  • DEMO of the STITCH project ("Semantic Interoperability To access Cultural Heritage")
  • The STITCH DEMO webserver demonstrates the added value of semantical integration of multiple collections. <br/> The collections that are linked by the prototype RDF Multi-Faceted-Search browser are the Rijksmuseum Masterpieces Collection (ARIA) and the Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts at the National Library of the Netherlands<br/> SKOS is used to enable mixing/merging of separate vocabularies: Cultural-heritage collections are typically indexed with metadata derived from a range of different vocabularies, such as AAT, Iconclass and in-house standards. This presents a problem when one wants to use multiple collections in an interoperable way. In general, it is unrealistic to assume unification of vocabularies. Vocabularies have been developed in many sub-domains, each with their own emphasis and scope. Still, there is significant overlap between the vocabularies used for indexing. The prime research objective of this subproject is to develop theory, methods and tools for allowing metadata interoperability through semantic links between the vocabularies.
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  • 2006-04-07
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