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  • Virtuoso Transforms Digital Business with Fusion of Artificial Intelligence & Multi-Model Relational Database Technology
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  • Description of Virtuoso 8.0 Press Release
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  • OpenLink Software
  • Description of Virtuoso 8.0 Press Release
  • 2017-10-29T13:040:00-05:00
  • BURLINGTON, MA. September 20, OpenLink Software, Inc., today unveiled the latest edition of Virtuoso, its modern multi-model relational database management and conceptual data virtualization platform, that provides a secure, cross-platform, high-performance, massively-scalable, and cost-effective solution for cognitive management, integration, and creation of public and/or private semantic webs of linked data (i.e., conceptual entity relationship graphs over disparate data sources). This major upgrade delivers key innovations aimed at the natural fusion of artificial intelligence with data diversity, with particular focus on Digital Transformation to leverage Data Analytics, Data Virtualization, Data Flow, and Sophisticated Data Security. Accelerating Digital Transformation through Fusion of Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Model Database Management Enterprises are looking to increase the degree to which Artificial Intelligence informs Digital Transformation strategy. Digitized cognition is increasingly being applied to the perennial challenge of conceptually integrating and harnessing data that's been spread across DBMS-backed Systems of Record, Engagement, and Intelligence. Rather than requiring that users 'rip and replace' their legacy technology investments, Virtuoso's new Custom Reasoning & Inference module infuses Artificial Intelligence into native and virtualized data that's accessible by existing applications and services using existing open standards such as HTTP, SPARQL, SQL, ODBC, JDBC, and ADO.NET. Using Cognitive Attribute-based Access Controls (ABAC) to drive Data Privacy and Security Data virtualization across disparate systems requires a loosely-coupled conceptualization of identity, identification, authentication, and data access. Virtuoso 8.0 provides a unique and scalable solution, based on a combination of rules and cognition, that addresses contemporary challenges associated with data access control, at massive scales. Rather than reusing outdated Role-based security and coarse-grained User Identity, this latest release of Virtuoso exploits fine-grained attributes such as distinct User, Application, and Relationship Type Identity to construct access controls (rules) that inform data access privileges. Technology Leadership via Pragmatic Innovation 'Even in recent times, the urge to accelerate digital transformation through exploitation of artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, and machine learning remains challenged by the perennial hurdles presented by disparate data virtualization and data access security,'said Kingsley Idehen, Founder & CEO of OpenLink Software. 'Consistent with our technological leadership and pedigree of innovation, Virtuoso 8.0 transforms these challenges into massive opportunities for agility enhancement, aimed at individuals and enterprises alike, without introducing undue complexity, expense, or privacy compromises, and without disrupting existing data access, management, or integration infrastructure' he added.
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