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An Entity of Type : schema:EntryPoint, within Data Space : associated with source document(s)
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  • This function allows to change the details of any group identified by either the name or the id. The group has to be created via before.

  • name

    The name or the IRI of the group to change.

  • id

    The identifier of the group to change.

  • newName

    The optional new name of the group. This name cannot be used by another group already.

  • newDescription

    The optional new description of the group.

  • addMember

    An optional parameter which indicates the new members to add to the group. This parameter can be specified several times to add more than one member.

  • removeMember

    An optional parameter which indicates the members to remove from the group. This parameter can be specified several times to remove more than one member. If overwrite is 1 removeMember is ignored.

  • overwrite

    If 1 the existing members of the given group are replaced by the ones specified in addMember.

On error an appropriate HTTP error code will be set in addition to a return value as described in ODS Error Result Codes.


This function requries authentication via one of the supported authentication methods as described in ODS Authentication.

  • EntryPoint - acl_groups_update
  • text/xml
  • GET
  • Change the attributes of a group.

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