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An Entity of Type : schema:EntryPoint, within Data Space : associated with source document(s)
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  • Data access in ODS is controlled via Access Control Lists (ACL). In practice this comes down to a set of rules giving or revoking access to certain people or groups. Each rule grants access to or revokes access from a certain resource or type of resource.

    ODS allows to define rules on the user profile (by specifying the user's profile URL) or any DAV resource the user has access to. In case of the user profile those parts of the profile which are set to be protected are shared. See also user.acl.update().

  • resource

    The resource to grant access to. If omitted the rule will be created for the user's profile.

  • rule

    The ACL rule specified as a JSON string. See ODS ACL Rules for details.

An error code stating the success of the command execution as detailed in ODS Error Result Codes. In case of an error the HTTP status code is set accordingly.


This function requries authentication via one of the supported authentication methods as described in ODS Authentication.

  • EntryPoint - acl_rules_new
  • text/xml
  • GET
  • Create a new ACL rule.

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