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An Entity of Type : schema:EntryPoint, within Data Space : associated with source document(s)
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  • ODS exposes most of its information as linked data through the Virtuoso triple store. All private information is stored in graphs which are protected by Virtuoso's ACL engine. This method allow to query the triple store using any of the supported ODS authentication mechanisms. Other than that it is comparable to Virtuoso's /sparql endpoint.

  • query

    The actual SPARQL query to be executed. Be aware that query URLs might be cut at a certain max length. So for long query strings it will be better to perform an HTTP POST with the URL-encoded parameters in the body.

  • format

    The result format. This can be any of the Virtuoso supported formats:

    For SPARQL select binding results:

    auto - Automatic selection

    HTML - text/html

    application/ - Spreadsheet

    application/sparql-results+xml - XML

    application/sparql-results+json - JSON

    application/javascript - Javascript

    text/rdf+n3 - N3/Turtle

    application/rdf+xml - RDF/XML

    text/plain - N-Triples

    text/csv - CSV

    text/tab-separated-values - TSV

    For construct or describe results:

    text/rdf+n3 - N3/Turtle

    application/rdf+json - RDF/JSON

    application/rdf+xml - RDF/XML

    text/plain - N-Triples

    application/xhtml+xml - XHTML+RDFa

    application/atom+xml - ATOM+XML

    application/odata+json - ODATA/JSON

    application/x-json+ld - JSON-LD

    text/x-html+ul - HTML (list)

    text/x-html+tr - HTML (table)

    text/html - HTML+Microdata

    application/microdata+json - Microdata/JSON

    text/csv - CSV

    text/tab-separated-values Tab-separated values

    application/x-trig - TriG

    application/x-nice-turtle - Pretty-printed Turtle (slow!)

A stream of SPARQL results encoded in the requested format.


This function will provide additional information if authentication via one of the supported methods as described in ODS Authentication is used.

  • EntryPoint - query_sparql
  • text/xml
  • GET
  • Query the Virtuoso triple store with ODS credentials.

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