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An Entity of Type : schema:EntryPoint, within Data Space : associated with source document(s)
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  • Each ODS user has a profile with fixed fields. These are managed via user.update.fields(). In addition to that each user can store custom fields via user.customFields.set(). If ODS has been configured to allow the creation of data graphs then each ODS user can in addition create an arbitrary number of private data graphs. Private data graphs are simply named graphs in the Virtuoso triple store which are only accessible to the ODS user (unless they define ACL rules to share the graph). This allows to store any kind of information of any complexity in an ODS user profile in a secure way.

    Typically SPARQL Update queries (query.sparql()) will be used to fill the graphs with information.

    One private data graph is already created when using user.customFields.set(): http://HOST/dataspace/private/USER/customFields. This special graph should not be used to store addition data besides the custom fields, although it is theoretically possible.

    This method allows to create these private data graphs.

  • name

    The name of the new graph. This will be incorporated into the graph URI. Ideally it should only contain lower-case letters and no spaces.

The newly created graph in a turtle document or as a plain text URI, depending on the requested content type. On error a code as defined in ODS Error Result Codes is returned and an appropriate HTTP status code is set:

409 - A graph with that name already exists and cannot be reused as a data graph.

405 - The given graph name refers to an already existing data graph.

user.dataGraphs.delete(), user.dataGraphs.list(), user.customFields.set(),, query.sparql()

  • EntryPoint - user_dataGraphs_new
  • text/xml
  • GET
  • Create a new private data graph.

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