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An Entity of Type : schema:EntryPoint, within Data Space : associated with source document(s)
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  • ODS allows users to be connected in a social network. This requires users to send invitations to other users. The other users then need to either approve or reject that invitation.

    This method lists the invitations other users sent to the authenticated user and invitations the authenticated user sent to others.

    A JSON stream listing all invitations.

    Example: { "incoming":[ { "id":1, "from":"hans", "date":"2013-03-1511:02:37", "status":"pending" } ], "outgoing":[ { "id":2, "to":"", "date":"2013-03-1514:06:32", "status":"pending" } ] } The id is an internal identifier, from is the username of the ODS account that sent the invitation, to is the email address the invitation was sent to, date is the date of the creation of the invitation as a GMT date string. The status is the status of the invitation which can be either pending or rejected., user.invitation.approve()


    This function requries authentication via one of the supported authentication methods as described in ODS Authentication.

  • EntryPoint - user_invitation_list
  • text/xml
  • GET
  • Get a list of pending and rejected invitations.

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