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  • Daily Box Office (Tue.) | Weekend Box Office (Aug. 2–4) | #1 Movie: '2 Guns' | Get Showtimes Updated 8/7/2013 12:09 P.M. Pacific Time Search Site Social Facebook Twitter Features News Showtimes Release Sched. Box Office Daily Weekend Weekly Monthly Quarterly Seasonal Yearly All Time Chart Watch International Indices Movies A-Z Studios People Genres Franchises Showdowns Oscar Theater Counts Readers Forums The Derby Hangman Polls Grade Movies My Account > ALL TIME BOX OFFICE WIDEST RELEASES (or The 3,000+ Clu [...]
  • opening, theater, wide, widest, theaters, movie, movies, box, office, all, time, record, weekend, report, movie, film, open
  • Movies Opening at the Most Number of Theaters at the Box Office.
  • Movies With the Widest Openings at the Box Office
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