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  • Extreme weather includes weather phenomena that are at the extremes of the historical distribution, especially severe or unseasonal weather. Heat waves are long periods of abnormally high temperatures. There is generally no universal definition of a heatwave because of the variation within temperatures are different in geographic locations. Along with the excessive heat, they are often accompanied by high levels of humidity. These two characteristics increase the relative temperature or heat index to dangerous levels. Because heatwaves are not visible as other forms of severe weather are, like hurricanes, tornadoes, and thunderstorms, they are one of the less known forms of extreme weather. This severe weather phenomena can damage populations and crops due potential dehydration or hyperthermia. Heat cramps, heat expansion, heat stroke, and dehydration can result in human populations. The dried soil are more susceptible to erosion, decreasing lands available for agriculture. Outbreaks...
  • Extreme weather
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