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  • A Home birth is a birth that is planned to occur at home. It is contrasted to birth that occurs in a hospital or a birth centre. Home births are divided into two types—attended and unattended births. Attended births are those at which a professional attends, usually a midwife, although sometimes a general practitioner. Unassisted births, which are sometimes called freebirths may involve simply the woman herself, or a woman attended by her partner, friends, family or a birth attendant called a doula. Many women choose home birth because delivering a baby in familiar surroundings is important to them. Others choose home birth because they dislike a hospital or birthing center environment, do not like a medically-centered birthing experience, are concerned about exposing the infant to hospital-borne pathogens, or dislike the presence of strangers at the birth. Others prefer home birth because they feel it is more natural and less stressful. In a study published in the Journal of...
  • Home birth
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