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  • %VOSWARNING% %META:TOPICPARENT{name="VOSIndex"}% ---+ Virtuoso ADO.NET 3.5 Data Provider %TOC% ---++ What is the Virtuoso ADO.NET 3.5 Data Provider? Virtuoso includes an ADO.NET 3.5 data provider compatible with Visual Studio 2008+ and Entity Frameworks, that provides access to native Virtuoso data (SQL, XML, and RDF) in addition to any DBMS objects linked from external [[VirtODBCEntityFrameworkUsage][ODBC]] and/or [[VirtOJDBCEntityFrameworkUsage][JDBC]] accessible data sources. Known-compatible external data sources include [[VirtOracleEntityFrameworkUsage][Oracle (versions 7.x to 11.x)]], [[VirtMSSQLServerEntityFrameworkUsage][Microsoft SQL Server (6.x to 2005)]], [[VirtDB2EntityFrameworkUsage][IBM DB2]], [[VirtSybaseEntityFrameworkUsage][Sybase (4.2 to 15.x)]], [[VirtInformixEntityFrameworkUsage][IBM Informix (5.x to 11.x)]], [[VirtIngresEntityFrameworkUsage][Ingres (6.4 to 9.x)]], [[VirtProgressEntityFrameworkUsage][Progress (7.x to 10.x)]], [[VirtMySQLEntityFrameworkUsage][MySQL]], [[VirtPostgresEntityFrameworkUsage][PostgreSQL]], and [[VirtFirebirdEntityFrameworkUsage][Firebird]]. ---++ Benefits This provider equips Microsoft .NET based applications, development environments, and programming languages with conceptual entity-based access to native and heterogeneous data sources. ---++ Features * ADO.NET 3.5 compliance * .NET Entity Frameworks compatibility * Full integration with Visual Studio 2008 * ADO.NET Data Services compatibility * LINQ to Entities compatibility * High-Performance & Scalability * High Security * Support for Native and 3rd party RDBMS engines and Web Services * Tested against all major .NET applications and development environments * Support for [[][Microsoft Silverlight]] versions 2 and 3 * Support for [[][.NET RIA Services]] --++ How Do I Use It? ---+++ Installation There are two installation types to consider. * If you have an existing Virtuoso instance, or will install Virtuoso on a different host, you only need to [[VirtADOClientInstall][install the ADO.NET Provider Client]] on the Visual Studio host. * If you have no existing Virtuoso instance, you can [[VirtADOClientServInstall][install both the ADO.NET Provider Client and the Virtuoso Universal Server]] on the Visual Studio host. ---+++ Connection String The Virtuoso ADO.NET Provider [[VirtADONet35ConnStrings][ConnectionString property]] implements the <nop>IDbConnection.ConnectionString interface to get or set the string used to open a Virtuoso database connection, and includes the source database name, and other parameters needed to establish the initial connection. ---+++ Sample Walk-through Applications * [[VirtAdoNetDataGridApp][Using Visual Studio 2008 to Build a Data Grid Form Application]] * [[VirtEntityFrameworkSchoolDbWinFormApp][Using Visual Studio 2008 to Build an Entity Frameworks based Windows Form Application]] * [[VirtUsingMsAdoNetDataServicesWithVirtuoso][Using Visual Studio 2008 to Build an ADO.NET Data Services based Application]] * [[VirtSPASQLWinFormApp][Windows Form Application for accessing Virtuoso RDF data via SPASQL using the Virtuoso ADO.NET Provider]] * [[VirtSPASQLWebDataServiceApp][Web Data Service Application for accessing Virtuoso RDF data via SPASQL using the Virtuoso ADO.NET Provider]] * [[VirtSPASQLSilverLightApp][Creating a Silverlight Application to consume the service]] * [[RIAServicesHowTo][Creating A Simple .NET RIA Services Application to Display Data from Virtuoso]] * [[RIAServicesHowTo2][Creating a .NET RIA Services Application that will Update Virtuoso Data]] * [[VirtSilverlightSPARQLExample][Creating a Silverlight Application for Browsing RDF Data]] * [[ODataServiceExample][Creating an OData Publishing Endpoint using Virtuoso's ADO.NET Data Provider]] * [[VirtRDFODataExample][Accessing RDF Triples as an OData Service]] ---+++ Using Entity Frameworks, ADO.NET, and the Virtuoso Virtual Database Engine Virtuoso's in-built virtual database engine for ODBC and JDBC accessible databases enables it to act as bridge between Entity Frameworks & ADO.NET based client applications. Thus, you simply link external databases into Virtuoso using the browser based Conductor UI or programmatically using SQL extensions. Once the external tables a linked/attached, they inherit the functionality prowess of Virtuoso, including complete compatibility with Entity Frameworks and ADO.NET 3.5. We have target-specific guides for using Microsoft Entity Frameworks and <nop>OpenLink Virtuoso to access schema objects in -- * [[VirtFirebirdEntityFrameworkUsage][Firebird data sources]] * [[VirtDB2EntityFrameworkUsage][IBM DB2 data sources]] * [[VirtInformixEntityFrameworkUsage][IBM Informix data sources]] * [[VirtIngresEntityFrameworkUsage][Ingres data sources]] * [[VirtOJDBCEntityFrameworkUsage][JDBC data sources]] * [[VirtMSSQLServerEntityFrameworkUsage][Microsoft SQL Server data sources]] * [[VirtMySQLEntityFrameworkUsage][MySQL data sources]] * [[VirtODBCEntityFrameworkUsage][ODBC data sources]] * [[VirtOracleEntityFrameworkUsage][Oracle data sources]] * [[VirtPostgresEntityFrameworkUsage][PostgreSQL data sources]] * [[VirtProgressEntityFrameworkUsage][Progress data sources]] * [[VirtSybaseEntityFrameworkUsage][Sybase data sources]] CategoryDocumentation CategoryVirtuoso CategoryDotNET CategoryEntityFrameworks CategoryWebSite
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