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An Entity of Type : atom:Entry, within Data Space : associated with source document(s)
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  • We need Java Architect with MarkLogic experience. Please send yreurusome to chiru @ (remove spaces). Java Architect with MarkLogicLocation: Detroit, MIDuration: 5 monthsRequired:*2+ years of Mark Logic and strong XQuery experience.* 8+ years experience developing applications with Java and oracledatabases. Experience with multi-threaded applications.* 4+ years experience working with XML, using DTDs and Schemas todefine XML structures, using a variety of parsers, using XPath andXSLT to modify XML documents.*1 or 2 years implementation experience with web services using ML/XQuery & Oracle* Deep understanding of MarkLogic Architecture, Indexing options andXQuery tuning.* Previous experience with MarkLogic administration, clustermaintenance & failover.* Previous experience with agile development methodologies, inparticular Scrum.* Excellent interpersonal and communication (written and verbal)skills.* Capable of functioning independently and as part of a team.Preferred:* Experience with database access from Java applications usingtraditional JDBC as well as Java Persistence APIs (JPA).* Familiarity with the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment.* Use of Open Source Java, XML and related Technologies* Knowledge of object oriented analysis and design, UML and designpatterns*Experience in Struts/Tapestry* Familiarity with Oracle PL/SQLRegards,ChiruChiranjeevi Musham(630) 219-0302 *406chiru@agilees.comAgile Enterprise Solutions, Inc.
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