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  • Ed,Yes I think thats one useful way of loonikg at it. And I agree that Google is already essentially offering a service around vanilla hyperlinks.I think that one of the interesting things about this approach is that its fairly unique to the Linked Data world. There are lots of existing web services and applications that specialise in aggregating data about specific types of things (Photos, Blog Posts, Books) but very few that focus on relations. Thats mainly because without RDF & Linked Data those relations are not explicit.Google does a good job at sifting out potentially relevant links and relations, but we can do potentially do better. We may not be as comprehensive in all cases, but I think there's a reasonable trade-off there for some applications.Subj3ct seems to me more about trying to organize data around common URIs. I guess its similar in intent to, but doesn't quite fit my notion of the topicOf service.<br />
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