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SELECT * FROM WHERE { ?s ?p ?o . ?o bif:contains "world" };

  • A custom property (magic predicate) that applies string matching patterns to its object. This property exposes a built-in SQL function as a SPARQL extension. This is a SQL predicate that specifies a condition on a column on which a free text index exists. The expression is a string matching the grammar of a text search expression. This is computed for each evaluation of the contains predicate and does not have to be a constant. For example a parameter or variable of a containing score (e.g. procedure) is accepted. The score_limit is optional. If specified, it should be a numeric expression determining the minimum score required to produce a hit. A virtual column named 'SCORE' is available in queries involving a contains predicate. This can for example be returned in a result set or used for sorting. Note that the name is in upper case and is case sensitive in all case modes.
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  • SELECT * FROM <> WHERE { ?s ?p ?o . ?o bif:contains "world" };
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