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  • How Do I Interpret Output Of Oplshut? -- Answer
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  • oplshut -s produces the following output: [openlink@openlinux bin]$ ./oplshut -s SVPID SVTYPE MACHINE OPSYS APPLIC DATABASE USERNAME CONNECT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1480 mys3 dyn2.openlinksw msdos cppdmo32 test mysql Mar 30 12:01 Here is a brief overview of the output displayed by oplshut -s: SVPID - Associates a Process Identification Number with a database agent. Users can run oplshut +kill svpid to terminate database agents that will not disconnect. For example: oplshut +kill 1480 oplshut +kill will terminate all connections associated with an agent. This is important since multi-threaded agents may handle multiple connections simultaneously. SVTYPE - Passes a label which identifies the Domain Alias, which was used to establish the connection. The Domain Aliases appear in the Session Rules Book (oplrqb.ini)
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