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  • How Do I Interpret Admin Assistant Logs? -- Answer
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  • The Admin Assistant writes the following information to a file, when startup is successful: Thu Mar 04 2004 15:07:11 started Here, we see the URL from which the Admin Assistant is accessed in a browser. The first part of the URL designates the machine ( on which it started. The number appended to the end of the machine is the TCP port on which it listens. This port is also the HTTPServer port that appears in the www_sv.ini file. The www_sv.ini file appears in the /bin/w3config sub-directory of OpenLink server components installations. The Admin Assistant will write simple error messages to the log when startup fails. Consultants must search the knowledge-base for the import of these errors. Finally, we have reviewed the default Admin Assistant log entries. However, users can cause the Admin Assistant to run at log level 7. This is achieved by setting the log level in the [www_sv] of the Session Rules Book. For example: [www_sv] Program = w3config/www_sv Directory = w3config CommandLine = +loglevel 6 Log level 7 causes the Admin Assistant to output an HTTP log that display individual scripts and images as it serves them. Be sure to look for errors interspersed between the entries.
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