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  • How can I prevent stability problems? -- Answer
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  • Use the following guidelines to prevent stability problems: 1. Patch databases and operating systems regularly. 2. Contact database and o/s vendors to see if patches are associated with problems. 3. Insure Unix kernel tuning parameters match parameters specified by database and o/s documentation. 4. Insure your machine has adequate memory and processor resources. 5. Comparison test Multi-Tier drivers when Single-Tier drivers appear to expose limitations in a database native client. 6. Re-link Multi-Tier database agents against databases, especially patched databases. 7. Insure PortHigh is set in the [Protocol TCP] section of the Multi-Tier Session Rules Book. This is the oplrqb.ini file that resides in the /bin sub-directory of the server components installation. Multi-Tier users perform the following test: 1. login to the machine that contains the OpenLink server components. 2. Run oplshut -s on the command-line. 3. Compare the output to the Windows (Task Manager) or Unix (ps -ef.) 4. Upgrade server components if oplshut shows fewer processes when compared to the Task Manager or ps. Multi-Tier users experiment with database agent reuse. Users should comparison test the following values: -- ifsame process, upto 5 -- ifsame application, upto 5 -- ifsame database, upto 5
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