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  • How Do I Interpret DBMS Versions? -- Answer
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  • DBMS server versions can provide a host of information: 1. Compare the user's DBMS version with the Multi-Tier database agent version string or Single-Tier driver version. Is the DBMS compatible with the agent or lite driver? 2. Compare the user's DBMS version with the DBMS version against which OpenLink's product was built. Are they the same? Differences in server version or patch level may contribute to a host of problems including outright compatibility or subtle stability issues. 3. Compare the user's DBMS version with the operating system version and patch level. Does the operating system meet the system requirements of the DBMS? 4. Obtain Unix server's kernel tuning parameters. Do the tuning parameters match the requirements specified in the DBMS documentation? Insufficient tuning parameters contribute to stability problems. 5. Is the user's DBMS server version associated with limitations or bugs? Is the DBMS server's patch level current? Recommend re-links to Multi-Tier users, when their DBMS version and their database agent version strings differ. Relinking resolves some compatibility issues.
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