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  • What values must I pass in my Multi-Tier DSN? -- Answer
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  • You must pass the following values in your Multi-Tier DSN: Name A descriptive name that identifies the Data Source. Server Passes the hostname or IP address of the server on which the Multi-Tier Request Broker listens. Also passes the TCP port on which the Broker listens. The format is host:port. Domain This value corresponds to a Domain Alias that appears in the [Domain Aliases] section of the Session Rules Book. Default Domain Aliases are named after the databases to which the database agent connect. Custom Domain Aliases may take any form. Database This is the name of the database or Oracle SID. Login ID This is a valid database username. Password This is a valid database password. Is your Multi-Tier Request Broker and DBMS installed on separate machines? If so, one of the following values must be added to your DSN: DB2 Server/Adapter Passes a remote DB2 database alias. Informix Server Passes the name of the Informix server. Ingres Net (vnode) Passes vnode::database name. MySQL Connect Options Passes -H host -P port -T. Oracle SQL*Net Alias Passes an Oracle SQL*Net alias. PostgreSQL Connect Options Passes -H host -P port -T. Progress Connect Options Passes Progress -S socket -H host -N tcp parameters. SQLServer Connect Options Passes -S followed by a SQLServer instance name. Sybase Connect Options Passes the Sybase instance name.
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