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  • ---+Virtuoso Tips and Tricks We have a number of tips and tricks articles, covering various areas of Virtuoso functionality. %TOC% ---++ Database Administration * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideRunAs][How can I specify an OS user name to which the Virtuoso server will switch after opening the listen ports?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideFindDeadlockTables][How can I find out which tables are deadlocking?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideOutOfMemory][How can I configure parameters to avoid out of memory errors?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksControlUnicode3][How can I control normalization of UNICODE3 accented chars in the free-text index?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideNotRespondingHTTP][What should I do if the Virtuoso Server is not responding to HTTP requests?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksCheckpointClusterEdition][How can I perform a checkpoint against a clustered Virtuoso Server?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideCheckpointSet][How can I handle checkpoint condition?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideTablesAndIndexesRecover][How can I backup and restore individual table(s) and individual index(s) on a a new fresh db?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideConductorR2RML][How Do I Generate Transient and/or Persistent Linked Data Views atop ODBC or JDBC accessible Relational Data Sources?]] * [[VirtWebIDSQLLogin][How Can I perform SQL login with X 509 WebID watermarked certificate?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksTrxInvalidLogEntry][How do I recover from "Invalid log entry in replay" when transaction log is being replayed during server start?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksDBMSBackupCrashDump][How can I move a Virtuoso database from one hardware and/or software platform to another?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideNotRespondingHTTP][What should I do if the Virtuoso Server is not responding to HTTP requests?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideVirtLiteGuide][How can I set up Virtuoso Lite Mode?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideLDMeterUtility][How can I use the LD Meter Utility?]] ---++ RDF data management * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideAllGraphs][How can I obtain a list of all graphs?]] * [[][How can I test whether two graphs are equal?]] * [[][How can I add triples to a graph?]] * [[][How can I update triples in a graph?]] * [[][How can I delete triples from a graph?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideDeleteLargeGraphs][How can I delete triples from a "Large" graph?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideDeleteTriplesWithBlanknodes][How Can I Delete Triples containing blank nodes?]] * [[][How can I copy triples from one graph to another?]] * [[][How can I move triples from one graph to another?]] * [[][How can I drop a graph?]] * [[VirtRDFDatasetDump][How can I perform RDF dumps from Virtuoso Quad store hosted data?]] * [[VirtRDFDumpNQuad][How can I perform Dump of RDF Graphs into NQuad dumps?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksDeleteGraphProc][How can I delete graphs using stored procedure?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksDeleteTriplesPatternsNotScopedNamedGraph][How Can I Delete Triple Patterns that are not scoped to a named graph?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideCreateGraph][What are the differences between create, drop, clear and delete Graph?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksRDFTriggers][What are "Generate RDB2RDF triggers" and "Enable Data Syncs with Physical Quad Store" Linked Data Views options?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideTrblLinkedDataViews][How Can I Diagnose problems associated with Linked Data views generation?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideGraphSecurity][How can I display only some information from RDF graph?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideDropCreateDefaultStrg][Can I drop and re-create the DefaultQuadStorage?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksControlDefineGraphWithSpongeOption][How can I define a graph with virt:rdf_sponger option set to "on"?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideErrorWhenNoMoreThreads][How can I configure Sponger to use Asynchronous Query (AQ) threads?]] * [[VirtBulkRDFLoader][How Do I Perform Bulk Loading of RDF Source Files into one or more Graph IRIs?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideRDFSchemaOWLInferenceRules][How to exploit RDF Schema and OWL Inference Rules with minimal effort?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideOWLIinfLinkedVocab][How the power of OWL based inference enables us exploit the power of Linked Vocabularies?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideADONETInsertBynary][How can I insert binary data to Virtuoso RDF storage in plain queries and with parameter binding via ADO.NET calls?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideReplicatellGraphs][How can I replicate all graphs?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideInsertRDFUsingVStudio][How can I insert RDF data from Visual Studio to Virtuoso?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideRenameGraph][How to rename a RDF Graph in the Virtuoso Quad Store?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideRDFPerformanceTuning][How can I configure Virtuoso for maximum performance with available memory?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideLOADCommandRDF][How can I use the LOAD command to import RDF data?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideContentNegotiation][How can I incorporate Content Negotiation into RDF bulk loaders?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideBIFContainsOptions][What free-text options can I use with bif:contains?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideGecodeData][How Do I Gecode Data?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksDeleteSpecificTriplePatternAcrossGraphs][How I Delete a Specific Triple Across Graphs?]] * [[VirtConfigureCartridges][How Do I configure Sponger Cartridges?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksSpongerAClProtection][How Do I protect Sponger Endpoint via ACL-s?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksAdminSpongerInstance][How do I administer Virtuoso Sponger Instance?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksSpongerAllocationAndWebIDACL][How to control user agent usage of Sponger Resources?]] * [[VirtsubClassOfOrientedSubsumptionTransitiveOptions][How Do I use transitive SPARQL query options and Exploit Inference Rules?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksTransitivityInferenceLists][How Do I use Transitivity via Inference Rules and Transitivity for lists?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksImportLinkedDataCreateFeature][How Can I Import Linked Data using the Briefcase "Create" feature?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideShortenLongURIs][What is the ShortenLongURIs Virtuoso configuration parameter?]] * [[VirtAnalyzeFixQuadStore][How can I fix RDF Quad Store Index corruption in commercial Release 6.2 and earlier builds]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksInstallPattern][How Can I perform Simple Linked Data Deployment using Virtuoso's HTTP Re-write Rules?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksAnytimeSPARQLQuery][How Can I Use Virtuoso's Anytime Query Feature?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideSplittingUnProt][How Can I Split 3.4billion triple UniProt datasets file?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksDigestAuthAJAX][How Can I insert triples via Digest Authentication into the Quad Store?]] ---++ SPARQL and SPARUL (SPARQL/Update) * [[VirtSpongerLinkedDataHooksIntoSPARQL][What Virtuoso Sponger SPARQL pragmas are supported?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideCustomSPARQLExtensionFunction][Are Custom SPARQL Extension Functions supported and how can I use them?]] * [[VirtSPARQLConfWideCharUnicodeUTF][How do I configure Virtuoso to support "wide characters" (e.g., Unicode, UTF-8) for SPARQL querying?]] * [[VirtSPARQLOptGuideEx1][How can I optimize SPARQL query performance using bifs (built-in functions)?]] * [[VirtSPARQLOptGuideEx2][How can I generate a unique ID via SPARQL?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideReificationAltern][What reification alternatives can I use for Linked Data publishing?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideLinkedDataSimpleGuide][Virtuoso Linked Data Deployment In 3 Simple Steps]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideMergeOneByOne][Is there a difference between a "merge" vs "one by one" execution of queries across named graphs?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideSpChar][How can I use iSQL to execute SPARQL queries containing the dollar-sign ("$") character?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideQuadStorageInternally][How can I set the quad storage to be included in results of queries made to the SPARQL endpoint?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideConv][How can I convert between data types using SPARQL in Virtuoso?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksSPARQLCondPort][Is it possible to have the SPARQL endpoint on a different port than the Conductor?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideDataRangeQueries][How can I manage Date Range SPARQL queries?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideDataRangeIndexFilter][How to optimize bif:dateadd in SPARQL query using selective index-friendly filter?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksConvertPropertiesToString][How do I use SPARUL to change a selection of property values from URI References to Literals?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideConstructPreparedStatement][How can I use CONSTRUCT with Prepared Statements?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideExpressionsUsageInConstructInsertDelete][How can I use Expressions inside CONSTRUCT, INSERT and DELETE?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideConstructINSERTStatement][How can I use INSERT via CONSTRUCT Statements?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideTransactionLogControl][How can perform SPARUL Updates without transactional log size getting exceed?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideGetCertAttributes][How can I get certificate attributes using SPARQL?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideDescribeMode][How does default DESCRIBE mode work?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideDumpArbitaryQueryNTriples][How can I dump arbitrary query result as N-Triples?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideBindNamedGraphPrSt][How do I bind a named graph parameter in a prepared statement?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideInsensSearch][How can I perform Case Insensitive Search across multiple literal values with Virtuoso?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideRandomSampleAllTriples][What is best method to get a random sample of all triples for a subset of all the resources of a SPARQL endpoint?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideMakeMeshups][How can I use SPARQL to make Meshups?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideCustomExactDate][How can I get an exact mapping for a date?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideAddTriplesNamedGraph][How can I use SPARUL to add missing triples to a Named Graph]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideSPARQLBIIF][How can I use the SPARQL IF operator for SPARQL-BI endpoint?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideSearchPredicate][How can I perform search for predicate values?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideClearGraphsRelEmptyGraphs][How to clear graphs which are related to empty graphs?]] * [[VirtSPARQLDET][How can I enable Dynamic Extended Types (DETs) on a Virtuoso SPARQL Endpoint?]] * [[VirtSPARQLSubQuery][How can I use sub-queries to enable literal values based joins?]] * [[VirtSPARQLPrefOrder][How can I execute query with labels preference order?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideGetObjDatatype][How can I get object datatype?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideBestPerformanceSPARQLExEndpoint][How to achieve best performance executing a query against SPARQL Endpoint?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideSPARQLEndpointProtection][What methods can I use to protect SPARQL Endpoint?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideSPARQLAssignRoleToUser][How Do I assign SPARQL role to SQL user?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideSampleGroupConcatGroupDigest][When should I use the function SAMPLE and when GROUP_CONCAT or GROUP_DIGEST?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideConstructAggregateFunctions][How can I include aggregate function values as objects in SPARQL CONSTRUCT queries?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideCleanErrantData][How Do I Clean Up Errant Data using SPARQL Update Language?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideAddisDefinedByRelations][How to Use SPARQL to add missing isDefinedBy relations to an Ontology?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideImportOntology][How to Import Ontology?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideModifyUsageAsInsert][How Can I Use MODIFY to update triples?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideSPARQLEndpoints][What are the supported authentication methods associated with a purpose specific default SPARQL endpoint?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksInsDelSPARQLSSL][How Can I execute INSERT/DELETE (SPARUL) statements against a WebID protected SPARQL endpoint?]] * [[VirtXMLAODBCExplorerLinkedDataViews][How to expose Linked Data View URIs associated with "References" on a given Table?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksSPARQLArithmeticCollection][How Can I perform SPARQL Date Arithmetic calculations?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksSOAPRequestsAgainstSPARQLEndpoint][How Can I send SOAP requests to Virtuoso SPARQL Endpoint?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksCustomControlLabelsURI][How Can I manage Custom Controlling Virtuoso Labels for URI functionality?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksHowToHandleBandwidthLimitExceed][How Can I Prevent Limits of Sorted LIMIT/OFFSET query?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksAanalyzingSPARQLQuery][How can I get a full explain plan for a simple SPARQL query?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksSPARQLPatternMatchFeature][How Can I Use the core feature of SPARQL logic of pattern matching?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksSPARQLEndpointSaveResultsWebDAV][How To Let the SPARQL Endpoint Save Results In WebDAV?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksSPARQL11FeaturesExamplesCollection][Where can I find examples for SPARQL 1.1 Features supported in Virtuoso?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksSPARQL11BuiltInF][How Can I use Built-In Functions?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksSPARQL11BIND][How Can I use BIND?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksSPARQL11VALUES][How Can I use VALUES?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksSPARQL11Subquery][How Can I use Sub-queries?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideSPARQLNOTEXISTS][How Can I use NOT EXISTS and MINUS?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksSPARQL11Assign][How Can I use Assignments?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksSPARQL11PropertyPaths][How Can I use Property Paths?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksVOSvsCommercialEdition][How Can I use SPARQL Named Graphs with SPARQL 1.1 Property Paths and Reasoning?]] * SPARQL 1.1 Update -- Graph Update: * [[VirtTipsAndTricksSPARQL11Insert][How Can I use INSERT DATA?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksSPARQL11Delete][How Can I use DELETE DATA?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksSPARQL11Update][How Can I use INSERT/DELETE DATA?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksSPARQL11Load][How Can I use LOAD?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksSPARQL11Clear][How Can I use CLEAR?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksSPARQL11RefDataINSTCONST][How Can I use SPARQL 1.1 INSERT patterns and CONSTRUCT to Enhance Existing Data?]] * SPARQL 1.1 Update -- Graph Management: * [[VirtTipsAndTricksSPARQL11Create][How Can I use CREATE?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksSPARQL11Drop][How Can I use DROP?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksSPARQL11Copy][How Can I use COPY?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksSPARQL11Move][How Can I use MOVE?]] * SPARQL 1.1 Graph Store HTTP Protocol: * [[VirtGraphProtocolCURLExamples][How Can I use HTTP POST, HTTP PUT, HTTP GET and HTTP DELETE?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideSPARQLSingleMultipleExecution][What SPARQL/SPARUL/SPARQL-BI Operations can I perform within Single/Multiple Statements?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideSPARQLLOADServiceUsage][How Can I use the Virtuoso SPARQL LOAD Service?]] * [[VirtSPARQLArithmeticExamplesCollection][Where can I find examples for SPARQL Arithmetic Functions supported in Virtuoso?]] * [[VirtSPARQLGeneExamplesCollecton][Where can I find examples for Linked Data SPARQL Reference Using the Gene Ontology?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksSPARQLEscapeQuotesInEntity][How Can I Escape double quotes in entity name?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksIsPropertyOfSyntaxInTurtle][How can I use {is property of} syntax to express inverse relations in Turtle?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksQueryOptimizerASSUME][How can I use the Virtuoso specific query optimizer hint ASSUME?]] ---++ Pivot Viewer and CXML * [[][What are Pivot Collections and does Virtuoso support SPARQL CXML?]] * [[][What are the main components of the PivotViewer UI and Collection XML?]] * [[][Does the Virtuoso SPARQL protocol endpoint /sparql supports extensions to the SPARQL standard specifically for CXML?]] * [[][What RDF to CXML Mapping does Virtuoso support?]] * [[][What are the default settings for the CXML generation?]] * [[][Where can I find more details about the Auto-Detection of Facet Type?]] * [[][What are the SparqlCxml Reserved Query Variables?]] * [[][How can I use the virtcxml graph?]] * [[][How can I use Labels in Place of URIs?]] * [[][What are the Link Typing specifics?]] * [[][Where can I find examples for SPARQL CXML Queries?]] * [[VirtSparqlCxmlDzcs][What are the SparqlCxml Deep Zoom Collections for and how can I use them?]] * [[VirtSparqlCxmlPivotViewer][How can I use the PivotViewer?]] * [[VirtSparqlCxmlImport][How can I import CXML?]] * [[][What is the Facet Pivot Bridge?]] * [[VirtSparqlCxmlDETs][What are DETs and how can I used them for persisting SPARQL Query Results to DAV?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideCXMLSPARQLURLPattern][What CXML params are supported for the SPARQL URL pattern?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksFCTDemoQueryLinkPopulation][How can I change the Facet "Demo Queries" link?]] ---++ Other areas * [[VirtLinkedDataPresCollection][Manage Linked (Open) Data]] * [[VirtOpenIDWebIDProxyServiceGuide][How Can I Use OpenID+WebID?]] * [[][How can I use the WebID Identity Provider Proxy Service?]] * [[][How can I use the WebID Identity Verification Service?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksLDAPWebID][How can I use LDAP based WebIDs?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksMailVerificationService][How can I use the Virtuoso Mail Verification Service?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksEnableAdoNetProviderInVS2010][How can I enable the Virtuoso Entity Framework 3.5 ADO.Net Provider in Visual Studio 2010?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideCustomCrawlerPL][How can I write custom crawler using PL?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideMultithreadJDBC][How can I make Multi Thread Virtuoso connection using JDBC?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideISQLQueryResultOutput][How can I output the result of a SQL SELECT query from isql to a file in Virtuoso?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideCORSSetup][How can I setup Server-side Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) using Virtuoso?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksCORsEnableSPARQLURLs][How can I perform Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) to enable a Virtuoso SPARQL Endpoint?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksGuideLoadSQLJDBC][How Can I execute load of sql dump from jdbc?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksRecording][How can I make Recording in Virtuoso?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksHTTPInternalRedirect][How can I make internal HTTP redirects?]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksVirtuosoDataCenter][Virtuoso Data Center Tips and Tricks]] * [[VirtTipsAndTricksUnderstandingRelationshipSemantics][Understanding Relationship semantics and reasoning]]
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