OpenLink Product Services

Product Specific Consulting

When you need to know about the OpenLink data access driver range, call OpenLink Software for one of our data access consultants. Product Specific consulting includes:

  • Product Portations/Re-Linking
  • Configuration
  • Problem Solving
  • Support for ODBC,JDBC and UDBC
  • Integration and use with a wide range of products including Java,MS VB,MS Access, Sybase PowerBuilder, Borland Delphi, Optima++, C++, C and Web Scripting Languages.
  • Installation advice
  • Implementation advice
  • Roll out Planning and Advice

OpenLink Data Access Consultants can work as part of a project team or on an 'as required basis'.

To make a general enquiry about Custom Development or any of our other Consultancy Services please use the following form:

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