Search Beyond Google

Google has a large lead over its rivals in U.S. audience share, accounting for 77 percent of all searches in August 2003 (including searches conducted at AOL and Yahoo!, which used the Google search engine). But in the search industry, innovation is a wild card. In 1999, you could have said that AltaVista had pretty much finished off the search market,notes Whit Andrews, a research director at technology advisory firm Gartner. In 1997, it was Inktomi. In 1995, it was Yahoo!. You never know in the search business when there?s somebody down the street who is going to make you look like yesterday's news.

Good article on the future of search engines. One that caught my eye was Mooter; I'll be watching that one closely. [via Lockergnome's Technology News]

Great piece! I took a quick look at Mooter, and I was very impressed. I certainly remember the internal emails that brought AltaVista, AllTheWeb, and eventually Google to my attention. Of course there will be search beyond Google, that's what makes us human (our