1995: "

1995 (and the early 90’s) must have been a visionaries time of dreaming… most of their dreams are happening today.

Watch Steve Jobs (then of NeXT) discuss what he thinks will be popular in 1996 and beyond at OpenStep Days 1995:

Heres a spoiler:

  • There is static web document publishing
  • There is dynamic web document publishing
  • People will want to buy things off the web: e-commerce

The thing that OpenStep propose is:

What Steve was suggesting was one of the beginnings of the Data Web! Yep, Portable Distributed Objects and Enterprise Objects Framework was one of the influences of the Semantic Web / Linked Data Web…. not surprising as Tim Berners-Lee designed the initial web stack on a NeXT computer!

I’m going to spend a little time this evening figuring out how much ‘distributed objects’ stuff has been taken from the OpenStep stuff into the Objective-C + Cocoa environment. (<- I guess I must be quite geeky ;-))


(Via Daniel Lewis.)