Unfortunately a number of Linking Open Data (LOD) community / Linked Data tribe members (myself included) aren't at the Semantic Web Technologies conference in San Jose (we are in a busy period for Semantic Web Technology related Conferences). But all isn't lost as Ivan Herman (W3C Semantic Web Activity Lead) , LOD member, and SWEO colleague has carried the banner with aplomb.

Ivan's presentation titled: State of the Semantic Web, is a must view for those who need a quick update on where things are re. the Semantic Web in general.

I also liked the fact that in proper "Lead by example" manner, his presentation isn't PDF or PPT based, it's a Web Document :-)

Hint: as per usual, this post contains a Linked Data demo nugget. This time around, it's in the form of a shared calendar covering a large number of Semantic Web Technology events. All I had to do was subscribe to a number of WebDAV accessible iCal files from my Calendar Data Space and the platform did the rest i.e. produce Linked Data Objects for events associated with a plethora of conferences.

If you assimilate Ivan's presentation properly, you will note I've just generated, and shared, a large number of URIs covering a range of conference events. Thus, you can extend my contributions (thereby enriching the GGG) by simply associating additional data from your Linked Data Space with mine. All you have to do is use my calendar data objects URIs in your statements.