I've finally found a second to drop a note about my keynote.

The keynote: Creating, Deploying, and Exploiting Linked Data, sought to achieve the fundamental goal of: Demystify the concept of "Linked Data" using anecdotal material that resonates with enterprise decision makers.

To my pleasure, 90% of the audience members confirmed familiarization with the "Data Source Name" concept of Open Database Connectivity (ODBC). Thus, all I had to do was map "Linked Data" to ODBC, and then unveil the fundamental add-ons that "Linked Data" delivers:

  • The ability to give database records names (Identifiers)
  • The use of HTTP in the database record naming mechanism - which expands a named database record's reference scope via the expanse of the Web (i.e HTTP based Identifiers called URIs).

I believe a majority of attendees came to realize that the combination above injects a new Web interaction dynamic: access to "Subject matter Concepts" and Named Entities contained within a page via HTTP base Data Source Names (URIs).

BTW - My presentation is a Linked Data Space in it's own right courtesy of the Bibliographic Ontology (which provides slide show modeling) and RDFa that allows me to embed annotations into my Slidy based presentation :-)