This piece links to a great Mono presentation (bar the reference placement of MySQL/PostgreSQL in a box somewhat adjacent to ADO.NET (see slide 7). When ADO.NET should have be associated with Data Providers for ODBC, MySQL, PostgresSQL, and others for clarity (the natural goal of the presentation).

We have got to take time to understand the Data Access Layer, if we don't we will utlimately pay a hefty price (IMHO).

This blog post is also hillarious, especially if you have encountered the mercurial "Murphy" during live product demos.

So, today I went to hell. And then I came back. It was a short trip.

This year, I am giving a presentation on Mono at Brainshare in Salt Lake City, an intro to Mono for developers. I got a pretty good turnout with a few ximian people in the back (including Joe whom I saw for the first time without a hat).


So I plug in my PowerBook 12" as I always do but for some reason I have a hard time getting the projector to display its output. After struggling a little I resort to using the desktop provided by Novell, running Ximian Desktop 2 (and some version Suse Linux).

So I upload my presentation to from my mac and then download it back to the desktop. Now I can make my presentation, which goes well. Then I get to a slide that just says : DEMO. Hmmm. Demo. I don't have Mono installed on that generic machine I was just given. I am going to need magic. So to magic I resort.

[via Monologue]