MacSOS Releases SyBrowser 6.2
Dr. Gerard Hammond of MacSOS announced the release of SyBrowser 6.2, a Macintosh application that can query Sybase, FrontBase, PostgreSQL, Oracle, ODBC and MS SQL databases hosted on OSX, UNIX, Linux, and Windows servers.

SyBrowser v6.2 features include:

- Added FrontBase database support.
- Added "Bachman" style ERD features (Tridents for 'Many' arms of a relationship, open circles for optional entities)
- The arms of a relationship now track their entities correctly in all directions.
- The arm of the selected relationship can be moved using the mouse or the keyboard
- Fixed bug with SQL auto-completion popup with multiple monitors.
- Enhanced the "Edit Relationships Info..." dialog. This dialog allows the properties of the selected relationship to be edited.
- The mouse cursor changes to reflect the draggable direction when resizing ERD tables, or dragging the various arms of a relationship. The selected arm of the selected relationship now has a circle for a handle.
- Documentation added.
- Printing the ERD panel has been improved.
- The Find dialog allows searching the returned datasets on the SQL panel and Results windows as well as the code in Sybase stored procedures.

SyBrowser Overview
SyBrowser is a table browser and alternative "isql" client for Sybase databases. It facilitates SQL generation thorough a point and click interface. SyBrowser also provides an overview of the tables in ODBC, MySQL, Oracle, FrontBase, PostgreSQL and MS SQL databases. Complex queries can be saved to disk for reuse. An ERD module allows the creation of visual representations of data models.

$89 Shareware from MacSOS, Australia
$49 upgrade from any previous version