Microsoft's recent unveiling of the next generation of ADO.NET has pretty much crystalized a long running hunch that the era of standardized client/user level interfaces for "Object-Relational" technology is neigh. Finally, this application / problem domain is attracting the attention of industry behemoths such as Microsoft.

In an initial response to these developmentsOrri Erling, Virtuoso's Program Manager, shares valuable insights from past re. Object-Relational technology developments and deliverables challenges. As Orri notes, the Virtuoso team suspended ORM and ORDBMS work at the onset of the Kubl-Virtuoso transition due to the lack of standardized client-side functionality exposure points.

My hope is that Microsoft's efforts trigger community wide activity that result in a collection of interfaces that make scenarios such as generating .NET based Semantic Web Objects (where the S in an S-P->O RDF-Triple becomes a bona fide .NET class instance generated from OWL).

To be continued since the interface specifics re. ADO.NET 3.0 remain in flux...