What is trackback about?
Sometimes when you see a post on somebody's blog that you like, it's enough just to leave a comment on the other blog about that issue. But what if you've got something to say about the issue that you'd like to share with readers of your own blog? If you do post to your blog, you have to go and leave a comment in the other blog if you want the people there to know about your own blog entry.
[From http://www.muhajabah.com/islamicblog/what-is-tb.htm]
Do I have to be using Movable Type?
At this time, only Movable Type is configured "out of the box" to use trackback. However, if you have your own web server space you may be able to set up Stand-Alone Trackback to work with your blogging system. You might also wish to look into similar applications such as Pingback.
No! Virtuoso's Blogg System supports this feature.