As I have stated, and implied, in various posts about the Data Web and burgeoning Semantic Web in general; the value of RDF is felt rather than seen (driven by presence as opposed to web sites). That said, it is always possible to use the visual Interactive-Web dimension (Web 1.0) as a conduit to the Data-Web dimension.

In this third take on my introduction to the Data Web I would like to share a link with you (a Dynamic Start Page in Web 2.0 parlance) with a Data Web twist: You do not have to preset the Start Page Data Sources (this is a small-big thing, if you get my drift, hopefully!).

Here are some Data Web based Dynamic Start Pages that I have built for some key play ers from the Semantic Web realm (in random order):

  1. Dan Brickley
  2. Tim Berners-Lee
  3. Dan Connolly
  4. Danny Ayers
  5. Planet RDF

"These are RDF prepped Data Sources....", you might be thinking, right? Well here is the reminder: The Data Web is a Global Data Generation and Integration Effort. Participation may be active (Semantic Web & Microformats Community), or passive (web sites, weblogs, wikis, shared bookmarks, feed subscription, discussion forums, mailing lists etc..). Irrespective of participation mode, RDF instance can be generated from close to anything (I say this because I plan to add binary files holding metadata to this mix shortly). Here are examples of Dynamic Start Pages for non RDF Data Sources:

  1. Web 2.0 Events Bookmarks
  2. Vecosys
  3. Techcrunch
  4. Jon Udell's Blog
  5. Dave Winer's Scripting News
  6. Robert Scoble's Blog

what about Microformats you may be wondering? Here goes:

  1. Microformats Wiki (click on the Brian Suda link for instance)
  2. Microformats Planet
  3. Microformats Bookmarks
  4. Ben Adida's home page (RDFa)

Let's carry on.

How about some traditional Web Sites? Here goes:

  1. OpenLink Software's Home Page
  2. Oracle's Home Page
  3. Apple's Home Page
  4. Microsoft's Home Page
  5. IBM's Home Page

And before I forget, here is My Data Web Start Page .

Due to the use of Ajax in the Data Web Start Pages, IE6 and Safari will not work. For Mac OS X users, Webkit works fine. Ditto re. IE7 on Windows.