Introducing the XBRL Ontology Project.

The XBRL Ontology Project seeks to address the obvious need to bring structured financial data into the emerging Semantic Data Web as articulated in this excerpt from the inaugural mailing list post:

The parallel evolution of XBRL and the Semantic Web is one of the more puzzling current day technology misnomers:

The Semantic Web expresses a vision about a Web of Data connected by formal meaning (Context). Congruently, XBRL espouses a vision whereby by formally defined Financial Data is accessible via the Web (and other networks). Sadly, we have an abundance of XBRL Taxonomies, pretty wide adoption of the XBRL standard globally, but not a single RDFS Schema or OWL Ontology, derived from said taxonomies, in sight!
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(Via XBRL Ontology Specification Group Google Group.)