Frederick Giasson has put out a number of interesting posts (via his blog) about a conceptual Music Data Space (one of many Data Spaces that will ultimately permeate the Semantic Data Web). Anyway, While reading his initial post covering Music Domain URIs and Linked Data, it occurred to me that by only exposing the raw RDF instance data (RDF/XML format in this case) via URIs for: Diana Ross, Paul McCartney, The Beatles, and Madonna, the essence of the post may not be revealed to all, so I've knocked up a few demos to illustrate the core message:

Note: the enhanced hyperlink (typed data link) lookup presents options to perform an Explore (all data about subject across Domains in the data space i.e. data links to and from Subject), Dereference (specific data in the Subject's Domain i.e. data links originating from subject).

  1. Diana Ross
  2. Paul McCartney
  3. The Beatles
  4. Madonna

I built these Linked Data Pages by simply doing the following:

  1. Open up our OAT based iSPARQL (Interactive SPARQL Query By Example) Tool
  2. Paste a URI of Interest into the Data Source URI input field
  3. Execute the Query (hitting the ">" button)
  4. Saving the Query to WebDAV as a Linked Data Page (or what I initial called Dynamic Data Web pages in my Hello Data Web series of posts).
  5. Share your Data, Information, Knowledge with others via URIs (as shown in the section above).