The recently released Semantic Web FAQ (authored by Ivan Herman) has some neat Rich Internet and Semantic Data Web embellishments contributed by Ivan and Lee Feigenbaum. As a result, we not only have a great Semantic Web FAQ document, we also inherit a coherent piece of "demo fodder" that aids the general (S)emantic (W)eb (E)ducation and (O)reach (SWEO) that is clearly in full swing.

Of course, this also enables me to provide yet another Semantic Data Web demo in the form of additional viewing perspectives for the aforementioned FAQ (just click to see):

  1. Semantic Web FAQ via Dynamic Data Page
  2. Semantic Web FAQ via OpenLink Browser

Lee also embarked on a similar embellishment effort re. the SPARQL Query Language FAQ thereby enabling me to also offer alternative viewing perspectives along similar lines:

  1. SPARQL FAQ via Dynamic Data Page
  2. SPARQL FAQ via OpenLink Browser